Consortium for the Advancement of Shape Memory Alloy Research and Technology

January 14, 2016
Source: ASM International

SMST recently teamed up with a small international organization of leading players in the SMA actuation field known as CASMART (Consortium for the Advancement of Shape Memory Alloy Research and Technology). CASMART was established in 2006 by government, university, and industry participants to promote the growth and adoption of SMA actuation technologies.

While the group was initially focused on the aerospace sector, it has broadened its scope to SMA-based actuation across industries and includes all aspects of SMA material to application development. CASMART technical work has focused on the intersection of four areas: fundamental technology development, alloy development, material/system modeling, and SMA actuation design and applications.

SMST and CASMART share similar goals, in particular furthering SMA technology and disseminating relevant technical work on materials with shape-memory properties. CASMART seeks to achieve new understanding of the SMA materials, foster dissemination of technical knowledge, facilitate application of that knowledge, and work toward commercialization of the technology.

Specific objectives of CASMART:

—Share applied research supporting Shape Memory Alloy Actuator applications, including material development, tools, processes, and system-level development.

—Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and strengthen collaborations—Promote SMA actuator technology within field and influence professional societies and research

—Propose challenges that push state of the art—Develop SMA actuation test standards

—Promote commercialization of current and future alloys, supporting technologies, and applications

In recent years, CASMART activities have included publishing papers on SMA actuation design and modeling methods, identifying best practices for shape memory effect characterization, and exploring high-temperature SMAs, particularly the NiTiHf material system. In 2015 CASMART initiated a student design challenge focused on exploring SMA actuator design tools to facilitate solutions to three proposed problems. The challenge led to innovative designs for deployable solar cells, automotive vents, and jet engine thermal management. Students presented their designs at a technical conference.

Any questions should be directed to the CASMART Executive Chairman, Dr. Othmane Benafan, NASA.

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